Success Stories

CPC in Kiev does it again!

We are amazed by the Ukrainians! In less than 6 months they have built a complete new d2p release print production facility (CinevatorDTP and a turnkey positive film processor), held their grand opening in mid-February and straight away were delivering major feature films (typically 80 copies) as well as multiple commercials and trailers for the Ukrainian market. Not six weeks after opening, they’ve ordered their second CinevatorDTP just to keep up with demand!

And they have done all this without any previous experience from a traditional lab/printing process. CPC are skilled technical and market innovators: The core team at CPC, Dmitry, Vadim and Andrey, saw an opportunity in the market, realised the unique capabilities of the Cinevator and were up and running within a few short months. A new fresh view creates new opportunities, and new opportunities create new business! Cinevation is really excited and proud to have a customer like CPC! They are the evidence that innovation can be introduced in an old and traditional market – shorter delivery times, improved quality and reduced cost – all to the benefit of the Ukrainian film industry.

If you want to take a look at the new CPC facility, check out some of the conceptual design work from Cinetech UK and CPAC Imaging here, or see local news from CPC’s grand opening here. Dimitry Alexandrov in CPC is astonished how quickly the complete d2p process was up and running. Their opening event was held just hours after the engineers from Cinevation and Cinetech completed the commissioning of the system. Less than two weeks later they completed their first delivery of 80 Direct-to-Print release prints. Cinevation look forward to growing the Direct-to-Print business with CPC and other innovators in the market.

The introduction of Direct-to-Print from the Cinevator in the Ukrainian market has been an immediate success. We need another complete line just to keep up with demand. and the quality of the projected image is just amazing“ Dimitry Alexandrov