Success Stories

Cinevator goes to Deluxe Barcelona

We are very pleased to announce that Deluxe Entertainment Services have installed a Cinevator®five at their Barcelona facility. This is the 2nd Cinevator operating for Deluxe in Europe. Deluxe Barcelona was built from the ground up a few short years ago in response to a growing demand for 35mm release print in Europe and the Middle East.

Deluxe has installed the most advanced equipment and technology available today for motion picture laboratories. The entire chemical system is controlled by high precision computers providing consistent reliability in film processing. Deluxe Barcelona is a Full Service Film Laboratory and Digital Postproduction offering bulk release printing for features and trailers, inspection & rejuvenation, bench film inspection, editing, international versioning and trailer breakdown.

According to David Cárceles, Operations Manager at Deluxe Barcelona, they appreciate the system’s ability to produce film elements directly from a digital file. The Cinevator will also allow them to work with many low budget productions that may otherwise not have been transferred to 35mm. The Cinevation installation and service engineers also gained an excellent reputation with David and the Deluxe-team: “They are professionals, flexible, efficient and always willing to help.”

Speed, simplicity, quality and versatility are the key words that describe why Deluxe chose the Cinevator”
David Cárceles