Product overview

With the Cinevator®five you can take your digital intermediate and go directly to positive print film including both digital and analogue sound and subtitles – in real time. There is no shorter way to film. If you need only one copy or less than say a hundred copies of a feature film, – you do not even need to make a negative intermediate. You can produce the distribution prints directly from the Cinevator®five. Cinevator®five can replace a traditional negative film recorder, a sound camera, a traditional film-printer and a subtitling machine. Going directly to print-film eliminates all the processes involving negative intermediate and the contact printing that might deteriorate the image and sound quality. Consequently, the quality of distribution copies made this way will be exceptionally good. This machine can also make negative intermediate, interpositive and negative sound film.

How it works 

The Cinevator®five receives film-data in real time through an SDI link or DVI input. Based on the film data available, recording or printing jobs are prepared on a job preparation work station (a normal Desktop PC that is connected to the Cinevator®five). Sound and Subtitle files are easily loaded through the job preparation work station. Sound is recorded from either Dolby CA-10R (via MO disk), DTS time code generator or embedded sound on a Disk Recorder or VTR. Remote Disk Recorders or VTR’s can be connected to the Cinevator®five through Ethernet or serial line, and these can easily be controlled from the job preparation work station. Once established, the recording or printing jobs are displayed to the operator on the LCD touch screen, so that the operator will just have to select the job or a complete reel (a sequence of jobs) to be recorded or printed after he has loaded and laced the film. After pressing “Start” the Cinevator®five runs on its own until the selected job or the film-reel is completed. During exposure of film a self calibrating function is active, continuously making sure that brightness and colour balance from the LED light source are always kept at the intended values.

More Information 

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