New technology for long term media asset protection 

For over a century 35mm film has preserved the world’s motion picture heritage. And with new tools from Cinevation, archiving on film takes on a whole new life. Cinevator Keeper serves as a secure archival copy with images, sound and metadata stored on the same reel. It is the perfect complement to magnetic tape in long-term asset protection and disaster recovery strategies.


Preserve image, sound and metadata on the same storage medium

Cinevator Keeper is an upgrade option for existing CinevatorFive customers, that provides a total solution for the archiving of audio-visual media, safeguarding image, audio and source metadata on a single reel of colour 35mm film. It provides a migration-free preservation unit for long term content protection and disaster recovery.

The end-to-end Keeper workflow maintains the highest levels of quality through the asset protection chain, preserving the creative intent of digitally mastered content on a trusted and proven analogue medium. This solution integrates new media preparation and colour management technologies to ensure simplicity and accuracy of content scanning and recreation workflows.

With virtually zero archive maintenance or migration requirements, and very low on-going management costs, Cinevator Keeper allows you to feel confident about the security of your valuable media assets long into the future.


Feel confident about the image and sound quality 

With Cinevator Keeper, a simple yet robust workflow ensures your content is protected and quality is maintained from source ingest to recovery. In addition, extensive testing with Kodak has been done to ensure the highest possible preservation quality.

Trust that the contents are retrievable 

Reading is supported by most available scanning technologies. This is due to the non-proprietary nature of the content scanning and recovery workflows. These processes are open, technology agnostic and can be completed with virtually any common restoration, editing or compositing software and without in-depth knowledge of the film recording phase.

Will film scanners continue to exist in the future you might ask? We are certain they will. Millions of hours of motion picture history is only available on 35mm film, stored in collections all over the world. Many of the world’s most well-known film directors prefer to shoot with analogue cameras for artistic reasons. In fact, one of the leading manufacturers of motion picture equipment, ARRI, has officially commited to continue to support the anlogue format with the required equipment, including scanners.  Read more


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Cinevator Keeper Data Sheet