Tronrud Engineering

Tronrud Engineering has been a partner of Cinevation since the beginning. Tronrud’s vision of “Putting ideas into practice”, could be seen from the start when they built the first Cinevator prototype back in 2004. Since then, Tronrud and Cinevation have manufactured many film printers and recorders together.  As Cinevation now continues to extend and improve its product range, Tronrud occupies an integral position in our research and development.  As an example, Tronrud was awarded the contract for manufacturing our high power LED light source – LED Brick in competition with several Asian suppliers. In addition to the fact that the LED Brick would be manufactured right in our own neighborhood, price, quality and a history of dependable delivery were the deciding factors.

Tronrud Engineering AS is a leading provider of cutting edge technology giving their customers competitive advantages and profitability. Their highly skilled employees develop, construct and deliver innovative high quality products and services. They believe that the long list of satisfied clients and references speaks for itself. The company was established in 1977 by Ola Tronrud, and has today more than 150 employees in Norway and 3 in Singapore.

Contact information: Nils Elsrud, Sales Manager, tel.: +47 32 16 18 50, email