February 17th, 2012

Cinevator to Latin America

We are very proud to announce that Cinevation is now present in Latin America. We have carefully prepared a Cinevator here in Drammen that will be shipped to LaboDigital in Mexico City.

The team from LaboDigital visited Drammen and spent almost a week in our office for demonstrations, training sessions and fruitful discussion on how to get the most out of the technology.

They visited Cinevation’s factory,Tronrud Engineering at Hønefoss, and we also found time to show our guests around Drammen and Oslo.
The Mexican team experienced real Norwegian winter: lots of snow, cold wind and slippery streets, but also some nice sunshine. We hope they managed to feel welcome despite the cold weather.

We got hold of Mr Charles Barthe, CEO at LaboDigital, and asked him what the main reason was for choosing the Cinevator.
“This equipment will serve two main functions in our workflow and services:
-It will optimize both our in- and out-put. Being able to deliver Real-Time IN, will certainly reduce production time and improve delivery times to our customers.
-It will open a whole new market and service for us. The Direct to Print service, we believe is the way to go following down the curve of film printing services. For less than 100 prints it is the ideal solution for both our infrastructure and our customers.

“We personally have a lot of expectation regarding the “Keeper” option, having Sound and Picture embedded in a single Intermediate Negative is a perfect long term archival solution for audiovisual content. This should become a standard shortly. We hope that the Cinevator will increase our invoicing by improving our services and adding new ones.

Cinevator is, as well, a way of keeping our business running as we always wanted it to be: always a step ahead of our business and technological surroundings.
This position is essential to properly go through the technological transition so deadly for film labs.

“As a new customer to Cinevation, we wanted to understand how they have experienced our company so far. Charles answered that Cinevation, to his eyes, has the rigour of a strong and leading Viking, having a very diverse human power (Germany, New Zealand, Italy, Russia) that gives this Viking openness, a clear market view, and perfect adaptability to an ever changing technological Eco-system. We certainly feel great confidence in the human team that is behind this incredible piece of technology, not to mention their highly skilled personnel.

LaboDigital offer services from their Mexico City facilities for clients in all of Latin America and the United States. They offer a wide range of services including scanning, primary and secondary color grading, film recording, THX and DOLBY 5.1 audio mixing and optical soundtrack negative (OSTN) recording in SR, SRD and DTS codifications. They also offer specialized services for the distribution and exhibition industry such as subtitle overlay production, rejuvenation of positive copies and trailer localization in versions for Mexico and Latin America. In 2010, they formed a partnership with Ymagis in France and consequently launched Ymagifilm, a new branch of DCI services for Mexico & Latin America including DCP encoding (Dolby SCC – 2000), DCP duplication on USB and hard drive, shipping, integration & distribution services.