What we do

Cinevation is the leading developer and manufacturer of real time digital film recorders, digital film printers and digital intermediate tools for the film post-production industry.
Cinevation is in this business to facilitate the transition from the analogue to the digital world in the motion picture industry. Its user-friendly products and solutions will enhance the efficiency and quality of digital work processes and equipment in the post production of films and bridge the gap between analogue and digital film.

About Us 

Cinevation was established in Norway in 2002. From the beginning we have been innovators in imaging and display technology. Today we have a comprehensive know-how of transfer of digital images and data to film.
Our mission is to be a provider of innovation and efficiency to the motion picture industry and to redefine the high-end digital-to-film transfer processes by utilizing the most advanced technologies available. We work with leading technology, R&D and manufacturing partners in both the US and Europe. Our head office is located in Drammen, 40 km south-west of Oslo, Norway.